BURNVirtual Tribe

Bring the energy of BURN Studio's Classes in-home through Live Streaming and On Demand.

Choose from over 7 types of Burn Studio’s high energy classes consisting of Cycling, Strength, Cardio, Barre, Bootcamp, Yoga, and Sculpt Formats. LIVE VIRTUAL CLASSES will help you stay accountable, just sign up and experience the in-studio magic in real time. In addition we offer Burn Studio’s ON DEMAND library with over 100 Classes, with new additions each week to accommodate your schedule.

Choose to move with us in a LIVE CLASS or ON DEMAND, or both! Whatever your schedule we have a class that fits LIVE (in real time) or ON DEMAND to replay. All Burn Studio Classes are recorded in-studio, bringing you the inspiration and coaching you need, mind, body, and spirit right into your own space. Workout with Robin Dayer and her top trainers and get results.

$24.99/mo - can be cancelled at any time
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