Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up for my first class?

1. Create Your Account

Make sure all your profile information is correct , including an email address so you won't miss out on BURN Studio happenings and a valid CC number (protected).


You must purchase a BURN Class,  BURN Class Package, Or BURN Monthly Unlimited BEFORE you can reserve a spot in a class. If interested in Personal Training and you are a new client to BURN Studio, you must contact studio at (501) 205-8094 to check for availability. Once availability is confirmed, you will then be able to purchase a Personal or Group Personal Training Package before being added to your trainer's schedule.

3. Reserve your class

Reserve as many classes as your purchase option will allow.  If you chose Month Unlimited Class options, you may reserve classes out for the whole month from purchase date.  Reserve out even further with Auto Draft Options, allowing you to reserve out through the length of the draft (3, 6, or 12 mo).

$5 MAT RENTAL FEE or you can bring your own. This applies to any mind/body or hot format class inside of our mind/body studio, such as yoga classes, GLOW, BARRE or any format involving these mind/body methods that would require a full mat. ALL GYM CLASSES such as Strength, MELT, Groundwork, or any class in our main gym area, will have access to a smaller mat square when needed, and therefore does not require you to bring a full mat to class. Mats are provided for Personal Training Clients.

Class Cancellation Policy & No Show Policy

All class reservations can be moved or cancelled minimum of 8 hours prior to class start.

If you are on a month unlimited/auto draft, and you cancel less than 8 hours prior to class start, then you will be assessed a late cancellation fee of $8.00/ Class packs will be charged the class.

If you are on a month unlimited/auto draft, and you do not show up for your reserved class, then you will be assessed a no show fee of $12.00/ Class packs will be charged the class.

These policies are in effect and strictly enforced to preserve the BURN STUDIO experience for all of our BURN community.

Again, we know things come up and emergencies happen. In this case, email Robin at  and let her know.  All instances will be assessed on a one on one basis.

How The Wait List Works

If you are unable to book a class because it's full, we highly recommend you put yourself on the wait list. As a spot opens up, we give the spot away to those on the wait list in the order listed. You must purchase the class or have purchased a class package BEFORE you can reserve your spot on the wait list. If you don't receive a spot in the desired class the class will be returned to your account to use at a future date. If a spot opens up in the class you are wait listed for, you will receive an email confirmation stating you have received a spot in the desired class, no less than 8 hours prior to class start time.  

Please note, we assume you want to take every class you are wait listed for. Please make sure to remove yourself from the wait list before 8 hours prior to class starting before if you decide you no longer want to reserve a spot in desired class, or you may get added to the class if a spot opens up and it will be to late to cancel. In addition, if you are scheduled/reserved in one class and then receive a spot in another class you have been wait listed for, you will be charged for both reservations.  

Arriving Early To Class

Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class start time.   Several of our classes involve set up before hand and for cycling classes you will need a bike fit.  Also, we want to be able to show you where everything is in the studio so you can be as comfortable and at home as possible.  Arriving to class late can be unsafe, distracting for other members, and disrespectful to your instructor. LATE ARRIVALS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO ENTER A CLASS. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you are signed up for a 5:10am class, you will need to arrive 10 minutes prior to class, as our doors do not OPEN UNTIL 5AM.

Leaving Class Early

Please plan on staying for your entire scheduled class time.  We understand that you may have the need to leave class a few minutes early. In these infrequent circumstances, inform your instructor before class and they will help you set up closer to the door, and discuss when the best time to exit class would be.  Otherwise, please do not leave before class is over or during the cool down portion of class.  Leaving class early can be unsafe and distracting.

Text & Phone

No cell phone usage in the studio. If you bring a cell phone into the studio, the ringer must be turned off, and the phone must be stored away, whether in a jacket or in one of our cubbies. If you are a doctor or your child is sick, keep your phone with you of course, we will help you find a place for your phone so you may monitor it.

Chatting During Classes

We know that your BURN experience will be even better with friends, or perhaps friends you make while attending classes. WE LOVE this! Community is most important here at BURN STUDIO. Please feel free to socialize before or after your class times

However, during class times we ask that you refrain from conversations with your fellow classmate. Talking during class can be distracting for others members and  you may miss important cues from your instructor for your safety.  

Showers / Locker Room

Showers and bathrooms are stocked with bath products and everything you'll need.  Dedicated Womens Locker Room and changing area, and additional lockers located in our hallway.