How do I sign up for my first class?

1. Create Your Account

Make sure all your profile information is correct , including an email address so you won't miss out on BURN Studio happenings and a valid CC number (protected).


You must purchase a BURN Class,  BURN Class Package, Or BURN Monthly Unlimited BEFORE you can reserve a spot in a class. If interested in Personal Training and you are a new client to BURN Studio, you must contact studio at (501) 205-8094 to check for availability. Once availability is confirmed, you will then be able to purchase a Personal or Group Personal Training Package before being added to your trainer's schedule.

3. Reserve your class

Reserve as many classes as your purchase option will allow.  If you chose Month Unlimited Class options, you may reserve classes out for the whole month from purchase date.

Bringing your own mat is required for every class and personal/group training session.

Arriving Early To Class/LEAVING CLASS EARLY

We LIVESTREAM all of our IN STUDIO Classes to give you all the options for your workout. You must arrive early to class. Due to keeping our highest standard of Class quality for our IN STUDIO & LIVESTREAM members, and your safety as we will be upholding all CDC guidelines due to COVID-19, there will be NO EXCEPTIONS. Arrival must be 15 min prior to class start time, earlier arrivals will not be permitted in studio before this time. The studio will remain locked until 15 min prior to your class start time and a team member will bring you into the building where you will be screened and checked in. AT THIS TIME THE DOOR WILL THEN BE LOCKED. After check in, you will be  directed to our LIVESTREAMING Main Studio Room to allow you time to get settled and set up. ANY ARRIVALS AFTER THE INSTRUCTOR HAS LOCKED THE DOORS AND BEGUN THE CHECK IN PROCESS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO CLASS. NO EXCEPTIONS. We appreciate your understanding as we try to uphold Burn Standards and keep you safe, with the very best experience. Leaving class early is also not permitted.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Please plan on attending the entire class time you have reserved.  This is not only for your safety but also affects our class quality, as it is distracting.  

Class Cancellation Policy & No Show Policy


Due to limited class spots and classes for COVID -19 and using the highest quality LIVESTREAMING service with limited LIVESTREAMING spots for LIVESTREAMED CLASSES the fees below will be incurred with no exceptions, unless presenting sickness or symptoms of sickness. Please contact the studio at 205-8094 or email to let us know that you are sick.  Texting or contacting instructor team members or front team members will not be permitted to be waived for a fee due to illness.  

All class reservations can be moved or cancelled minimum of 8 hours prior to class start.  If a reservation is moved or cancelled within 8 hours to class start time you will be assessed a LATE CANCELLATION FEE of $8.  If you are on an unlimited option the $8 fee will be automatically applied.  If you are on a class pack or single class option you will not incur the $8 fee, but the class will be still charged.

If you are on a month unlimited or auto draft option, and do not show up for your reserved class whether IN STUDIO OR LIVESTREAMING, you will be assessed a NO SHOW FEE of $12


IN STUDIO Classes ONLY will allow a waitlist and we highly recommend using it.  As a spot opens up (meaning a cancellation BEFORE 8 hours prior to class start) you will be added to your class.  Once added to class you will receive an email/text notification depending on what notifications you selected in your profile. If you do not receive a spot in class, the class will be atutomatically returned to your account if using single class visit or class packs.


Please note, we assume you want to take every class you are waitlisted for.  Please make sure to keep track of your waitlisted classes, and be watching for a notification to see if you are added.  If you decide you no longer want that waitlisted spot, please make sure to remove yourself from the waitlist.  Late cancellations/no show fees will apply here if you are added to the class.    There is no waitlist for LIVESTREAM CLASSES, but spots will be limited.

Text & Phone

No cell phones are permitted in ANY of our studio rooms.  Usage is permitted inside of our studio rooms.  The light is visibly distracting and can diminish class quality and now LIVESTREAMING as well.   Please plan on leaving your phone with your belongings in our lobby area.  This area stays locked and secure.

Also with limited space due to 12 feet distance from COVID-19 all belongings must be left in the lobby

Chatting During Classes

We know that your BURN experience will be even better with friends, or perhaps friends you make while attending classes. WE LOVE this! Community is most important here at BURN STUDIO.

However, during class times we ask that you refrain from conversations with your fellow classmate. Talking during class can be distracting for others members and  you may miss important cues from your instructor for your safety.  

Showers / Locker Room

Shower rooms, women’s locker room, and additional dressing rooms will be open.  Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel dispenser is still provided, but other toiletries/amenities at this time are not offered due to COVID-19 . However usage of lockers is not permitted at this time and a mask must be worn when moving about these areas.  You may remove your mask once reaching your spot, but please maintain 6 feet distance at all times.