About this class

Candles lit, dark room, music up, riding to the beat in the energy of a pack!

At BURN, we believe in authentic, outdoor riding. If it's not done on an outdoor bike, we don't do it indoors. Your instructor will coach your workout to help you achieve your very best ride, but YOU get to decide exactly what's right for you by controlling your own bike.
The bike you will ride on will be custom fitted to you. Not only will you be fitted to positions that fit your body and comfort level, but each bike is equipped with a console that displays exactly how hard you are working and more. Seeing measurement is motivation! Our bikes our equipped with pedals that are compatible with regular tennis shoes or cycling shoes that have SPD or LOK clips.

COVID-19 UPDATE: When you sign up for the class below, you will be taking it virtually via our Facebook BURN STUDIO LIVE members group. For more information, go to the COVID-19 Update page.

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