BURN Standard for health & safety


Please take the time to review our current protocols designed to keep our Burn Tribe safe and comfortable during these uncertain times. This plan builds upon Burn Studio’s already recognized high standards of health, safety, and cleanliness – and takes them to an even higher level. All of these steps are very much worth it to share a workout with you in person!

* If you’ve been sick, feel sick, please…. STAY HOME!


*To ensure the safety and experience for of our high quality standard for classes, you MUST be on time.  An on time arrival means you must be ready to enter the building 15 minutes prior to class start. If you arrive earlier than 15 minutes please wait in your car until we open the building to check you in for class. Once we open the doors for you to come in to the studio, you will enter. At that time you will be checked in and screened and the doors will be locked 10 min prior to class start.  Doors will remain locked during all classes and during personal/group training sessions. Any arrivals past the instructor locking the doors and beginning the check in process 10 minutes prior to class will not be admitted to class. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is not only to ensure your safety, but also ensure the quality of your class, and our LIVESTREAM members.

All IN STUDIO CLASSES WILL BE LIVE STREAMED SIMULTANEOUSLY, late arrivals will be distracting. With an additional check in process that includes a forehead scan and screen you must be present and ready to enter the building once opened up. Please avoid congregating closely outside of

the doors or building. Leaving a class early will not be permitted for your safety and the Burn Standard of quality. NO EXCEPTIONS.

*You must wear a mask when entering and exiting Burn Studio, moving about the studio, setting up equipment, etc and always doing our best to maintain 6+ feet social distancing, and you will be spaced 12 feet for active excercising. Once you have reached your

“spot” in class or our personal/group training studio, masks can be removed.

Hand sanitize immediately upon entering and exiting the building. Hand sanitizers are located by the front door and water fountain. Hand sanitizer must be used before touching the green button to exit the building

Temperature will be taken upon arrival. Based on CDC guidelines, if your temperature is 100.4°F or higher, you have a fever and will not be permitted to class or personal/group training.

Plan on bringing your own towel to sweat and if you plan to use our showers (sanitized regularly). Your own mat is required for every class and every personal/group training session.

Wipe ALL equipment used THOROUGHLY with our disinfectant wipes and any sweat left behind on the ground. Your instructor or front team member will sanitize after you leave the studio.

At this time, please avoid hanging out after class in the lobby to help minimize people in the building. We know that part of Burn Studio is our Tribe community, however during this time, as we will be trying to sanitize, and move people in and out of the building,

you must exit the studio after class is over and you have wiped your equipment.

No classes with shared equipment are offered, no stations, or circuits at this time. We will use the barre in the main group studio room, however this will be wiped and sanitized after every use.

Bathroom amenities are currently not available. Shampoo/conditioner/soap are still stocked in the shower rooms.

Earplugs will still be available at the front desk, however hair ties, etc… will not be offered at this time.

All equipment and surfaces will be disinfected after each class and additionally disinfected throughout the week.

Instructors will wear masks before / after class and if transitioning around the room as well as any front team members.