Tips on How to Get Your Workout In

It's the end of the week and we are focused on fun, relaxation, and weekend time doing all the things we love. Or in some cases, more to do's that you're unable to knock out during the week or a busy kids schedule. Let's try something NEW!


Rather than waiting until Sunday which can be filled with anxiety, to sit down and think through the week ahead, do it on a Friday when your brain is a bit more relaxed. Honestly, most Friday afternoons people are focused on dialing out, so demands may not be put upon you. Its a great time to plan for the week ahead.

Its ESSENTIAL, like a MUST DO, to plan exactly when you are going to workout for the week. You must put yourself on your own schedule, because if we leave it up to "just whenever I have time", its not going to happen. Even I write in my planner EXACTLY where I will get MY workout in for the day, going as far as placing it on the main Burn Studio Schedule so my team knows this is MY time for me. Movement is medicine, and if we dont put ourselves first we cant be our best for anyone or anything around us.

So, get out that planner. If its electronic great, Im an old school paper gal to get the job done. (Plum Paper Planners are my favorite and you can customize them exactly for you!)

Let's go!

~xo Robin


  1. Schedule NON NEGOTIABLE, untouchable, workout times. This means that no matter what pulls at you or tries to prioritize itself, you are booked. End of story
  2. Set realistic goals and its ok to start small, or only have 15-20 minutes that day. Its still a win! You dont need an hour 5-6 days a week to be fit. Work with the time you have and know its enough.
  3. Make it pleasurable. Not every workout has to be a workout that you hate. Plan a workout or two that involves something you love. Walking is exercise too if you want to head outdoors with your furry friend.
  4. Consider early mornings.No one is going to call a mandatory staff meeting at 5am. Honestly getting up earlier doesn't get easier, no one wants to get up, no one. But what puts your feet on the floor is the feeling AFTER your workout is accomplished. The tone you set for the day will be amazing.
  5. Lay out your workout gear the night before. If you workout at mid day or after work, pack your bag before the next morning.
  6. I highly recommend taking a group fitness class that holds you accountable for showing up (ahm, ahm, Burn Studio). Nothing like a no show fee to motivate you, and for the better. Class not your thing? Get in a small group and personal train with friends or make new ones. They'll notice when you're gone and help you show up.

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