About BURN


A place to get out of the gym and into the studio--mind, body, and spirit. 

A place where you will sign up to a way of life and it's community, feeling energized and renewed. 

Where every person, in every session feels special, empowered, and forever changed after every workout.   

A place where you will leave behind any negativity and emerge from the studio's walls a true warrior in life.  
You will leave feeling better than when you came.     

Movement will become your medicine and not a punishment.

You will be capable of anything.

How BURN Started

Robin Dayer, founder of BURN STUDIO

Robin Dayer put her heart and soul, and more than 14 years of fitness experience and training to work when she founded BURN STUDIO. Starting out life as a marketing graduate from the University of Central Arkansas and stepping into life as a full time pharmaceutical sales rep proved no excitement for her. Fitness had always been an inspiring force in her life, so she decided to leave the business world and pursue her dream of teaching group fitness and personal training, and never looked back. The people, the classes and the amazing energy became her passion and as each year passed she became even more driven to share this motivation with everyone that she could. Passing down this unique high, this therapy that can only be derived from fitness became her full time mission. Duplicating this uplifting experience became her purpose.
The music and the energy experienced in a group class became exhilarating for Robin, yet she felt it could be even more. She believed that all classes could be inspiring, in a beautiful environment, with outstanding customer service. That any class could be transformed into a special experience. This motivated Robin to set out and offer something different than the typical gym workout, and re-invent the group fitness and personal training experience.  BURN STUDIO is Conway's first private studio that offers personal and group training, in addition to classes by reservation only. Every class at BURN STUDIO will include a workout that uses intensity to work the FULL BODY in a fun and energizing atmosphere, with inspirational coaching and high energy music.

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Taking personally training a step further, meet with our certified dietician to learn more about healthier diet options.

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We're here to help you find the healthiest YOU! BURN is here every step of the way.

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Need a more personalized training plan? Are group classes not your thing? Sign up with one of our awesome personal trainers today!

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